A design concept by Elaine Burns

About Pistachio

Pistachio is a design concept created by Elaine Burns.

The Pistachio aesthetic focuses on personal details; a balance of sentimental favorites and modern heirlooms. A Pistachio styled room or event is warm and inviting, practical, yet elevated.

You can contact Elaine [emb.burns@gmail.com] to begin styling and planning your next space or event.




About Elaine

Elaine is a home décor and event stylist based in Brooklyn, NY.

Obsessed with the details and finishing touches, she will work to bring the Pistachio aesthetic and your personal point of  view to each project.

Having worked on the corporate side of fashion and beauty brands, she is equipped with the knowledge to create work that not only reflects a beautiful aesthetic but can also help bring your home, event, or brand to the next level.

Contact Elaine at [emb.burns@gmail.com] to discuss projects or collaborations.