A design concept by Elaine Burns

Calder Inspired: Wire Designs

My family has a long standing appreciation for the art of Alexander Calder, best known for his mobiles and monumental (often outdoor) sculptures.

Images from Calder Foundation

Calder also made a series of wire sculpture portraits and figures; some of my favorite pieces of his work. The use of one material (and often just a single piece of wire) made for dynamic works that pushed the exploration of space and shape.

**My dad actually made a series of cable-drawn caricatures inspired by Calder's works!**

Images from Calder Foundation

Calder’s wire sculptures and the concept of space/shape using such a simplistic material has been a gateway and inspiration into my interest in the design trend of wire, often geometric, home furniture and accessories.

Image from afflante.com, Akkrum House tour

Image from afflante.com, Akkrum House tour

Most pieces evoke a modern feel due to their simplicity and minimalist designs; similar to many of Calder’s famous pieces.

The lightness from the negative space the wire creates make most of these pieces great for layering in a room, or even on just a table, as a way to add texture to a space without adding bulk.

Below are some of my favorite finds (I’m especially loving the pendant lamps!) that embrace this trend.