Interior Decorating by Elaine Burns

A Nautical Americana Inspired Gallery Wall

About a month ago I finished working on a fun gallery wall project (I know, I promise I have more current projects to report on soon!).

My friend Erin wanted to fill up a bare focal wall in her Upper East Side apartment. Working with the theme of ‘Nautical Americana’, I combined a mixture of art prints, photographs, a vintage map, and postcard with simple, neutral colored frames.
We stuck to using mainly 11x17 and 8x10 prints, and worked to find a balanced of scale and texture with the images we chose. Erin wanted the wall to feel full, but also have space to grow her collection, so we followed a loose grid layout that allows for expansion of new prints as she discovers pieces to add.

We also added the small hanging ceramic fish as a fun, non-traditional element to the wall.
On the hunt now for some antique sailing flags!

Below are some installation pictures (it’s so much easier to install a gallery wall with two people rather than one!) and the prints that are still available to purchase.