Interior Decorating by Elaine Burns

Easy Entertaining

Now that August is winding down, my jam-packed weekends of summer travel are coming to an end. Bittersweet, of course, but since weekend getaways are the norm for me and my friends, the beginning of September is when we all are back in the city together again - it’s about time!

For a recent afternoon catch-up session, I wanted to keep things easy - a simple snack to munch on in-between stories. In less than 15 minutes, I whipped up this Sriracha Party Mix recipe using some healthier alternatives - unsalted nuts, whole wheat cereal, and Bitsy’s Brainfood Cheddar Chia Veggie Crackers.  A light beer was the perfect compliment to the spice.

I kept the party decor low-maintenance too - some punchy blooms (thanks, Greg!) and brightly colored accents served as a nod to the summer days we were reminiscing.