Interior Decorating by Elaine Burns

Travel Momentos

This summer has been jam-packed. I have been doing a little more traveling than in the past - visiting new friends and old, spending time with my family, fitting in a few trips with my boyfriend - and have plenty of pictures to prove it.

Scrolling through photos on our phones has become the new default for sharing favorite vacation memories, but for me, leaving them in digital form only assures that they will get lost in the black hole of the ‘Photos’ folder of my laptop. So, I prefer to do something a little more meaningful with those special snapshots.

Incorporating photos into a gallery wall is always an easy way to update an already existing collection of images and allows for a really careful selection of your favorite, most important shots.

And while I love the idea of creating a photo album to keep out on the coffee table (there are so many online resources now that makes doing this super easy!), I am more drawn to having a simple bowl of prints, polaroids, and photobooth strips that my guests and I can comb through whenever we are lounging in the living room.

Another simple and elegant solution is the wood block + prints set from Artifact Uprising. I purchased this as a gift for my boyfriend and was so pleased with how we were able to preserve our favorite moments from our trip to Charleston while having an understated, far-from-tacky display.