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Green, Green Everywhere

Early last week, I spent some time at the new Etsy HQ helping my mom, of Early Bird Designs, pitch her ceramics line to a handful of major retailers and about 100 boutique owners from across the country (Go Mom!).

As part of the event, we got a tour of the Etsy office - amazing for numerous design and space planning reasons - but one thing that I noticed throughout the tour was the very deliberate use of plants and natural elements as an additive texture technique. After the day ended and I scrolled through the pictures I had snapped from the day, it was clear that the calm and inviting feel of the office was mostly due to the abundance of lush greenery. 

I’ve started to pay closer attention to both the purposeful and unexpected greenery I encounter through my days - like finally noticing this tree/bush sprouting up from a chimney outside of my apartment building - and am determined to broaden my knowledge and use of plant life in my upcoming home and styling designs.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll notice that most of my new pins are packed with plant life - check out my page here. I'm on a serious green kick!