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Subtle Holiday Decor

It’s official: It’s December 8th, and the holiday season is in full swing. This time of year especially I fully embrace the gold, glitter, and baubles and I am lucky to live in a city that does too.

One of my favorite family traditions is picking out and trimming our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving. We admire our most special ornaments and decor while listening to the best selection of Christmas songs.

This year I wanted to really deck out my Brooklyn apartment, but also wanted to be mindful of the small space and not overwhelm our living room with a Christmas decor explosion.

With a nod to my family holiday traditions, below are 4 ways that I am embracing the season in a subtle, though no less festive, manner.


A wreath
We have a round mirror in the entryway (and not much else besides some coats) that lends itself to needing a little bit of sparkle, especially now. This was a thrift store find from my mom. If I didn’t have a spot for it here, it would definitely be outside my front door.

IMG_6960 (2).JPG

A garland
While I love our low-ceiling living room, the space is challenging to fit a Christmas tree (even a mini one). So, I opted for a lit garland. It brings enough holiday feeling to the room without distracting from the rest of the design.

Cozy Textiles
I’ve written a couple of times about my recent textile obsession, and now I have added all of my coziest knits and shearing blankets to the couch to warm up the space. Coupled with a good book and noise-cancelling headphones? Talk about a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Hand Crafted Gifts    
I’ve found the best way to really get in the holiday spirit is to channel my crafting cravings into at least a few handmade tokens for friends and family. Spending an afternoon among all of my supplies and assembling gifts is especially wonderful when done with a group of friends. This year as part of a Friendsgiving celebration, my friend Tala of @eatsandthecity and I made these red velvet mason jar treats.



Vintage Cornucopia

It’s already mid November, so that means Black Friday ads, premature Christmas carols on the radio, and holiday decorations being hung on the streets.
Kidding...sort of.

Next week marks one of my favorite holidays of the year - Thanksgiving. I’ve been dog-earring my magazines for months; saving recipes that might make the cut for the big meal. I’ve also been pinning away possible floral arrangements for the table and jotting down inspiration for my family’s tablescape this year. The theme is still up in the air, but the tradition of outfitting the Thanksgiving table has been important in our house for as long as I can remember.

Years ago my mom bought a cut and sew project with all of the components to make a cloth cornucopia. She used batting to shape the vegetables and horn of plenty.

Vintage Cut and Sew 

Vintage Cut and Sew 

Just as a side note - you can buy these cut and sew “kits” in a variety of patterns on Spoonflower here!

While I have taken to making our tablescape a little more elaborate, this vintage craft makes its way into our decor every year.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite choices for statement-worthy tabletop items for the holiday season; pieces that are timeless, elegant, and special enough to make an appearance on the table year after year.

Centerpiece Worthy