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Bookshelf Refresh

The dreary January weather (soon to be even dreary-er February weather) has me craving more color in my space. My apartment is tiny and while I usually would add small colorful accents to my coffee table or switch out some prints in my gallery wall to brighten the space, I think the best way to tackle this need for color will involve one of my favorite parts of my home: the built-in bookshelves in my living room.

I contemplated painting these shelves when I first moved in, but the stress of moving (not to mention the countless other projects that needed to get done) got the better of me and it didn’t happen. Plus...I hate getting too messy.

Solution: removable wallpaper!
Besides the fact that these built in shelves are a dreamy architectural aspect of my home, whenever guests visit, they are immediately drawn to this nook to check out (read: judge) my book collection. Because of this, I want to use a wallpaper that has some special details to it - details that someone wouldn’t notice from far away, but guests will appreciate when getting a closer look.

Below is a roundup of some considerations and my favorites.
Check back soon for the final pick!

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